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We need more Land and Lots for sale at Holter Lake

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We need more land and lots for sale at Holter Lake.

You read that right, there is a shortage of lots available for sale right now around Holter Lake. If you or someone you know have been considering selling, or have been holding off because you thought the economy was a problem, then it is time for us to talk! Sales are very strong this year in all categories and it is only April. Folks are ready to start spending money on “Want Items” again. I am getting calls and emails for lots and I do not have what the buyers are looking for.

Don’t miss out. If you have a lot that you are no longer using, lets get it sold so you can put the money to use for other things. Call me now at (406) 868-6053 and have your lot or cabin featured on the top Holter Lake site.

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