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Holter Lake Cabins and Homes

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Holter Lake Cabins and Homes

Is this the year you decide to stop fighting the crowded campgrounds at Holter Lake and decide to buy your own Lake Home, Cabin or lot to enjoy?  If you have spent any time enjoying all that Holter Lake has to offer, you have no doubt experienced a shortage of camping spots on several weekends a year.  Holter Lake’s popularity and proximity to Great Falls and Helena means thousands are easily able to enjoy it on the weekends.  Those thousands compete for a few hundred camping sites that are first come first serve.  On those holiday weekends it can be almost impossible to find a place to camp.

Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to compete for a camping spot?  To have everything you want to enjoy on the weekend already at the lake ready and waiting?  No hooking up the camper and the boat and hauling it all to the lake and then back again each weekend.  Trying to make sure you are there early enough to find a good spot to camp.  You can have this if you want.  This site is dedicated to those of us looking for that special place on the lake that makes our weekends more enjoyable.  More relaxing.

Each year a limited few get the opportunity to obtain that enjoyment.  I am here to help you have that chance this year.  Throughout the year I will post homes, cabins and land for sale at Holter Lake.  I will help you obtain all the information you need to help you determine if this year is the year you decide to stop fighting the crowds and get your own place on the lake.  I will have Featured Homes available for viewing with open houses on the weekends so you can view them while you are at the lake.  I will make it easy for you to view other properties at the lake by scheduling your own private showings.  I am here to help.  If you have questions, ask. Let me know how and when you are ready to see something and I will make sure you get to see it.

Here are some links to what is currently available at Holter Lake:  

Holter Lake Homes and Cabins for Sale

Holter Lake Land for Sale

Have a safe and happy summer and I hope to see you at the lake!


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